In Memoriam

Nestor Michelena

Nestor passed away on December 22, 2002, after almost a decade of working in the ODE Lab. He was instrumental to the success of a large number of projects, including analytical target cascading and hybrid vehicle design.

Freerk A. Lootsma

Freerk A. Lootsma of Delft Institute of Technology passed away on May 16, 2003. Freerk was a long-time friend of the ODE lab. He spent his sabbatical leave here in 1994 as the prestigious U-M Netherlands Professor, nominated by the Netherlands Academy of Science. He conducted research and co-taught an advanced optimization course.

Arlene Schneider

Arlene passed away on July 18, 2007; she was the support person for the lab for many years, and she always knew everyone's birthday and favorite cake-which she always baked and brought to the lab for all to celebrate.

Robin Lo

Robin Lo passed away suddenly from a heart attack while on an overseas assignment for GM in 2010. Robin's 1991 Ph.D. thesis was on deterministic global optimization methods. Following his graduation, he became very interested in Christianity and the Bible, and he learned Greek just so he could read the original Biblical texts directly. Robin was a very nice, gentle person.