Our colleague and longtime ODE member Nestor Michelena passed away on December 22, after several years of battling cancer. We will miss him dearly. His family and friends have established the "Nestor F. Michelena Memorial Fund" dedicated to supporting students conducting research in design optimization. Inquiries can be addressed to Professor Papalambros.
Ryan Fellini defended his Ph.D. disseration, entitled "A Model-Based Methodology for Product Family Design", on December 17, 2002.
Most of the ODE members presented and gave talks at semi-annual Dual Use Science and Technology (DUST) review, Dec 2002, University of Michigan
Michael Kokkolaras presented the paper "Analytical Target Cascading for the Design of an Advanced Technology Heavy Truck'' during the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exhibition held in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 17-22, 2002.
Hosam Fathy presented a paper at the International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exposition (IMECE, New Orleans, November 2002), titled "Nested Optimization of an Elevator's Plant and Gain-Scheduled LQG Controller".
Jeremy - Presentation of dissertation proposal. Passage of preliminary examination and advancement to PhD candidacy - November 18, 2002
Adam Cooper gave a poster presentation at the Graduate Student Symposium held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 5, 2002.
Panayiotis Georgiopoulos attended the 2002 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences, Montreal, Quebec, Canada from September 29 through October 2, 2002.
Ryan Fellini presented the paper "Platform Selection under Performance Loss Constraints in Optimal Design of Product Families" during the ASME DETC Design Automation Conference held in NMontreal, Quebec, Canada, September 30, 2002.
Michael Kokkolaras presented the papers "Coordination Specification of the Analytical Target Cascading Process Using the Chi Language'' and "A Sensitivity-Based Commonality Strategy for Family Products of Mild Variation, with Application to Automotive Body Structures'' during the
9th AIAA/ISSMO Symposium on Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization held in Atlanta, Georgia, September 4-6, 2002.
Hosam Fathy gave a talk at the University of Michigan's Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Symposium (September 2002), winning first place in dynamics, systems and controls.
Ruchi Choudhary attended the "Design Analysis Integration (DAI) Initiative" workshop at the Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory Washington Office as part of the DAI research team in September 2002
Ruchi Choudhary presented a paper titled "Integration of CFD and Genetic Algorithms" at the 8th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms held in Copenhagen, September 2002
Zhijun Li passed the ME Ph.D Qualifying Exams, September, 2002
Hosam Fathy, Ryan Fellini, Panayiotis Georgiopoulos, Michael Kokkolaras, Panos Papalambros, Matt Parkinson, Mike Sasena, and Olena Sinkevich gave talks at the ARC Conference held at Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 14-15, 2002.
Most of the ODE members attended Automotive Research Center (ARC) conference, May14-15, 2002 at the GM Tech Center Warren, MI / University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Most of the ODE members presented and gave talks semi-annual Dual Use Science and Technology (DUST) review, May 2002, University of Michigan
Ruchi Choudhary defended the dissertation proposal titled "Performace Based Design: A
Hierarchical Strategy for Optimal Thermal Design using Analytic Tools" in April 2002